Metallized Film Capacitor Automatic Winding Machine

  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:RDACW-9580/RDACW-9580B

﹡This machine is for metallized film capacitor with plastic hard core.
﹡ The machine adopts PLC and touch panel system for easy operation and maintenance.
Also, the setting parameter can be saved in HMI.
﹡Adopt the electric control air pressure for pressure roller and tension. The core will be fed automatically.
﹡ Adopt AC Servo control method for winding. It can wind single or double elements at every cycle.
﹡ With cover film device.
﹡ It is option for RDACW-9580B which has the separator film insertion assembly and can wind DCW (dual-concentric winding) elements.
﹡ The element diameter is 20 -95 mm and 86-152 mm for single winding width, 31-82 mm for double winding width.