Lithium-ion Battery Automatic Winding Machine

  • Model:RDLBW-21700

This is the automatic winding machine developed for cylindrical type lithium-ion battery. The work method is to weld 2 tabs on AL and CU and have 2 sets of upper and lower cover tape on Al and CU. After winding, the jelly roller will be transited by the conveyor.

(1)The machine adopts PLC matching with LCD touch screen for easy operation. The AL, CU and SP use auto tension control system, tension consistence.
(2)Single electrode with double reel holders (2 for AL reel holder and 2 for CU reel holder) and auto material change.
(3) The reel holder has independent EPC function.

(1) Length of AL & CU: 500 – 2,100mm
(2) Jelly roll diameter:ψ13 – ψ26

emark: We reserve the right to modify above specifications at any time.